Notary Acknowledment

A Notary Acknowledgment is a formal declaration of a signature before a public official. The public official is usually a notary public, but in many states, the public official can be a judge, mayor, or other such official.

The Acknowledgment must be a part of the original document. This can be done by placing the acknowledgment language in the document itself or by adding the language in a separate paper that is attached to the original.

In either case, the form must be completed and signed by the notary public and then sealed. The commission number or expiration must also be included for the acknowledgment to be proper.

Forms to be filed at the register of Deeds office must be notarized to show the authentication of the signature(s). Un-notarized or improperly notarized documents will not be accepted. Time, money, and liability of the lender, closing agent, or attorney are at stake, so proper notarization is important each and every time.

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