Online Notary Services in New York

Welcome to Niagara Notary Public, your trusted partner for notary services in New York. In addition to our traditional notary services, we are proud to offer convenient online notary services. With our online platform, you can notarize your documents from the comfort of your home or office, saving you time and hassle.

Remote Notarization for Your Convenience

Our online notary service allows you to notarize your documents remotely, providing you with the flexibility you need in today’s busy world. Whether you’re in New York City or upstate New York, you can easily access our online notary services and get your documents notarized quickly and efficiently.

Notarize Your Documents Without a US Social Security Number

At Niagara Notary Public, we understand that not everyone has a US social security number. That’s why we offer notarization services using biometrics as a means of identification. If you don’t have a US social security number, you can still use our online notary services to get your documents notarized with ease.

Notarize your documents online today for a convenient and hassle-free experience!